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Experience is at the
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we do.

Experience is at the
heart of everything
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A Certified ServiceNow Services & Technology Partner, the Agiro team has successfully delivered several enterprise ServiceNow 
including some of the largest, most complex implementations globally.


A broad repository of proven advisory,
functional and technical capability. This is
complemented by our own preferred development method 
that is a form of hybrid - DevOps, Agile with rapid, iterative and collaborative design.


Dedicated ServiceNow Centres of Excellence in India, Singapore and Philippine's, representing 
world class developers. We are a uniquely positioned Managed Services/Staff Augmentation provider for both new and existing ServiceNow customers.

Our Delivery Approach

We have incorporated elements of DevOps and Agile to create our own Agiro Standard Implementation Approach or ‘ASIM’. This Agile methodology provides continuous design, build and test cycles enabling greater engagement with business teams throughout the project delivery. Our approach also ensures flexibility to incorporate feedback during every stage of the implementation.

Bootstrap Example

Sprint Phase

Feature Sprint Phase


Values Delivered:

  • Flexibility in solution design
  • No need to front load design phase  
  • Accelerated time to deliver features
  • Failure early (continuous testing)
  • Increased employee engagement 

Our Agile Delivery Methodology


Workshops/‘Design jams’ for user story gathering with all key stakeholders and SME’s


Using global best practices to configure and create solid and amazing solutions



Bring together and prioritise all user feedback


Socialise and demonstrate what has been built

Bringing the right people on the journey

How we’ll architect and reiterate with key stakeholders​

Develop the 'art of the possible'.

Based on our years of experience we will guide and demonstrate what is digitally possible.

Deliver engaging workshop’s.

We’ll conduct ‘design jams’ sessions that will enable and build user stories and overall design principles.

The right people in the room.

We’ll ensure that all required stakeholders are present during the sessions where the solution blueprint is created.

How we’ll ensure the design meets the needs of the users

We'll start by drawing out and sequencing-specific user journeys and process workflows with our key stakeholders, SME's, and required teams.

Once the user stories have been identified, we then translate how that looks digitally in your existing or new ServiceNow platform.

Using our agile delivery methodology we then build Proof of Concept’s or high-level iterations in prioritised sprints to fast-track the time to realisation by showing the potential end result.

To start the journey, we’ll conduct ‘design jams’ with key stakeholders, SMEs, and required teams to ensure we draw out and sequence-specific user journeys and process workflows.

Once the user stories have been identifiedwe then translate how that looks digitally, in your existing or new technology.

Using our agile delivery methodology we then build POC’s or high-level iterations in short prioritised sprints so that we shorten the time to realisation by showing the potential end result .

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