The University of Sydney Student Chat Integration

Project overview: An application developed in ServiceNow to allow prospective students to chat with the university faculties. 


  • Prospective students are unable to get real-time resolution of their enquiries  
  • Downgrade of user experience leading to students opting for other universities 


  • Worked with Student & Faculty Services team to design a process to have chat services available on The University of Sydney websites that linked directly into ServiceNow  
  • Set up availability schedules, pre-chat surveys, automated messages and store communications 


  • Configured embedded virtual agent chat that gradually transitions to live agent support  
  • Configured pre-chat surveys, buttons to create specific cases via chat, escalate/transfer chats as well as schedules to indicate live agent availability 

Business and Customer Outcomes:

  • ServiceNow chat and university websites integrated to allow prospective students to interact  
  • Faculty members can chat with students on a real-time basis and resolve their queries 


University of Sydney


Higher Education 

Products utilized

  • SNS Chat 
  • Student Chat 
  • Live Agent Support