The University of Sydney Special Considerations

Project overview: Allow students to apply for an assessment date extension under special considerations and apply for late discontinuation. 


  • If a student needed to request an extension for an assessment submission due to unfortunate circumstances, there was no automated system to record and approve it  
  • If a student decided to discontinue the enrolled course, there was no automated system to record and approve it 

Approach :

  • Scope custom application  
  • Load data (enrolments, assessments and availabilities] into ServiceNow to enable digital record maintenance  

Solution :

  • Students should be able to apply for an extension or discontinuation from an intranet portal  
  • Built portal to submit the requests for special consideration and late discontinuation  
  • Built agent workspace to give the best experience to staff and ability maintain the student life cycle 

Business and Customer Outcomes :

  • Delivered great user experience for both students and staff  
  • Provided students with a self-service option to request an extension or discontinuation from anywhere around the world  
  • Automation helped Staff and Coordinators to better help students and provide guidance during hard personal times 


University of Sydney


Higher Education

Products utilized

  • United Portal 
  • App Engine 
  • Integrations