Telstra Contract Management

Project overview: The implementation of automated Contract Management Monitoring and Billing processes for Telstra Broadcast Services. 


  • Manual spreadsheets used to maintain customer contracts   
  • Too much manual work   
  • Low visibility of data leading to missed billing and revenue due to contracts not getting updated appropriately 

Approach :

  • Load and maintain core data in ServiceNow  
  • Automate FX/ date calculations, contract extension and expiration monitoring 

Solution :

  • Build integrations to load and maintain the core data in real-time  
  • Build automation flows for billing generation  
  • Create dashboards, and reports to track and maintain the status, expirations, charges, and credits for each vendor/customer 

Business and Customer Outcomes :

  • Fully automated monitoring and billing process launched of all the contracts off all the TBS products  
  • Reporting and Dashboards for Executive Leadership Team to provide real-time information and transparency across the business 





Products utilized

  • Service Portal 
  • Custom Application 
  • Flow Designer 
  • Integrations 

Key Stats:

  • 40% increase in contracts maintained and early extensions 
  • 75% increase in billing monitoring and efficiency