Telstra Billing Management

Project overview: The implementation of a Custom Billing Management Application in ServiceNow for the DVN2, CDN and MMC teams in Telstra.


  • Customer billing for new service installation managed via spreadsheets  
  • No integration with Payment system resulting in low confidence in billing data  
  • Customer billing site relocations, upgrades/downgrades etc. managed via spreadsheets by DVN2 team  
  • Manual management of CDN and MMC billing management via spreadsheets  


  • Custom scoped application to load & maintain data in ServiceNow for accurate billing calculations  


  • End-to-end process from creation of ‘service requests’ to billing generation as per the billing frequency.  
  • New smart billing that generates debits and credits considering bill accounts, upgrades, downgrades, cancellations etc.  

Business and Customer Outcomes:

  • Delivered multi-layered architecture in ServiceNow CMDB for management of services and products  
  • Automated integration with Payment system called Flex Cab and with Bertha  
  • Automated billing management for CDN and MMC products  
  • Manual intervention eliminated in billing 





Products utilized

  • Service Portal 
  • Custom Application 
  • Flow Designer 
  • Integrations 

Key stats:

  • 100% billing efficiency and accuracy  
  • 95% reduction of manual billing calculations 
  • 60% increase in Service Delivery customer satisfaction surveys